Ambátt is a new collaboration between artists Pan Thorarensen and Þorkell Atlason. 

They have been active in various music scenes in Reykjavik in the past years.

Þorkell Atlason is a classically trained guitarist and composer. His work has been performed
widely around Europe and America and he has been active in the experimental music scene in Reykjavik.


Pan has made a history in Icelandic music scene having released many albums and side projects in the past 12 years and is well known and respected for his works. 

Pan's has long been a catalyst of electronic music in Iceland. Eight years ago, he founded and organised "Extreme Chill," an annual electronic music festival which has drawn both local and foreign electronic music enthusiasts into the amber embrace of Icelandic nature.

Both Pan and Thorkell are members of the electronic trio, Stereo Hypnosis.